Effect of short term exposure to cotton dust in cotton mill workers on pulmonary function test

Charulata Kadam, Deokar NA, Bhutada TB

Background: Byssinosis is the most common disease affecting the cotton textile workers; symptom complexes like mill fever, weavers cough, also occur. The present study was done to find out the effect of short term exposure and suggest precautions mill workers to prevent this. Objective: To compare the short term exposure to cotton dust in cotton mill workers & control group not exposed to cotton dust on pulmonary function tests. Methods: In this study, one group of fifty workers exposed for short term duration and control group (not exposed to cotton dust professionally at any time in their lives) of 50, of age 25-50 years, were examined for PFTs. PFTs were carried out using spirometer. Results or Observations: The present study found that there is statistically significant difference in PFTs between the short term exposed group and control group of 25-50 years age. Discussion and Conclusion: The results of the present study helped us to understand and compare the short-term and control group better and suggest workers to take precautions to avoid more subtle effects that can occur.

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